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Dietitians For Health Care is a post-acute care, assisted living, and memory care firm, serving the senior population in the facilities where they live.  

Founded in 1967, our experienced team of licensed dietitians is ready to help your facility define and reach its goals, as well as enhance resident satisfaction while maintaining compliance.  


Our team actively pursues continuous education to remain abreast of changes in regulations and industry standards.  


And, our scoping methodology adequately tailors our service portfolio to the needs of each community. 


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Is your facility deficiency-free? Are you looking for new ideas and better cost controls?


Our Facility Evaluations and Sanitation Inspections will highlight opportunities and best practices, according to the latest standards.



Does your organization need a partner to raise awareness within your Food Service Department and offer guidance?

Assessment is at the core of our approach.  We believe it creates a foundation of trust with the Food and Nutrition Services Department, residents, and administrators, respecting the perspective of each.

Are your residents satisfied with food choices and their preparation?  

With our long tenure in the dietetic professions, our team has an extensive body of knowledge to address Meal Satisfaction, Menu Preparation, and Food Safety Practices. Our mission is to satisfy residents and help you watch the bottom line.



Focused Care at Humble

"Our consultant understands that our residents' dietary needs require an integrated approach. She speaks with all staff concerning our patients."

Pine Ridge Health Care

"She provides nutrition support to patients, investigates weight loss and weight gain concerns, as well as perform assessments.  She also provides my staff with expertise in sanitation, safety procedures, menu development, and planning."

Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care Services

“DHC is up to date on current dining trends, clinical practices in nutrition and operation cost controls.  They deliver consulting that can easily be implemented by the dining staff for improved results and satisfaction.”

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